Apart from filling his or her pockets with tax payers money, are you sure that your MP is complying with the Oath of Office that they swore?

The only way to be certain is to know what law the Oath requires your MP to comply with, to prove that he knows it and to be ready give evidence against him to prosecute for misconduct in office by perjury (lying under oath) if he breaks it.

An Act of Parliament, the Recall of MP’s Act 2015, allows the recall of a Member of Parliament convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison for up to a year or more. “Recall” means that a new election must be held.

Beginning with what law an MP, or any other Crown Official, must swear to comply with you may not know that the United Kingdom has a Constitution. That is probably because information about it has not been taught in state schools since the early 1970’s. This was not an accident.

The Constitution was also taken out of the examined part of the legal education syllabus at the same time. This means that junior lawyers are not qualified on it. More senior lawyers however are.

There is a BBC documentary giving a good account of the “Glorious Revolution” in 1688 and the history of the Declaration and Bill of Rights, our most recent Constitutional settlement.

It also shows how knowledge of it was concealed by “Marxist academics”. Because it is on Youtube, no license is required to view for those who do not want to subsidise the BBC:

“British History's Biggest Fibs With Lucy Worsley - Episode 2: The Glorious Revolution”


From the 45 minute mark in the video you will see the life sized paintings in the Houses of Parliament corridor leading to the Commons chamber. One depicts the Declaration of Rights, the peace treaty between The Crown and Parliament, being read to William and Mary. It was made into an Act known as the Bill (list) of Rights.


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