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Leolin Price QC 27 January 2000

First I must thank you for your time and interest when I met you in chambers just before Christmas, and again at the meeting organised by John Gouriet a few days ago.

You were kind enough to agree to look at the arguments prepared by The Magna Carta Society, to justify lodging a petition with The Queen about the UK’s relationship with the EU.

You asked for a summary of our supporting evidence. Here it is.

The Magna Carta Society is currently a small group of British subjects concerned with reversing the destruction of our birthright, our rights, liberties and freedoms, our culture, traditions and way of life, our commercial practices, our economy, our nation’s sovereignty, and our nationality - all of which threats stem from the European Union.

We represent no political party. Most of us belong to no political party. We speak only for ourselves and others of like mind.

We are aware, however, of a groundswell of support for our activities, both in the UK and elsewhere in the Anglo-Saxon world. In due course, we plan to open membership to all.

Meanwhile, we inadvertently find ourselves representing some 50 percent of the UK population - perhaps even more - who currently support the proposition that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union. Many thousands do so from the bitter experience of seeing their livelihoods and way of life destroyed for no good reason other than to satisfy the whims and egos of politicians, and without any discernible counter-balancing benefits.

Every one of these 20+ million people is currently disenfranchised since no major political party offers a commitment to take the UK out of the EU in its current or prospective manifesto. Neither has any political party with a realistic prospect of forming an administration ever made such a commitment since the passage of the ECA, 1972.

As you agreed when we met, whether we have a strong case or not, the real point here is the enormous publicity bomb our petition would generate, especially by using the old procedures laid down first in Magna Carta.

That is why we should proceed as far as we can - to marshal public support; to remind the nation that we have a unique constitution and that it is there to be used to protect our interests; and to change the behaviour of and - later, perhaps - the people in parliament.

Such a project might also help get the (new) hereditary House of Peers off to a flying start. They would be in the vanguard of a movement to save this country from destruction, they would be recognised as the first estate of the realm to acknowledge the birthrights of the people and they would be seen to be doing their duty under the first document of our constitution, both to the people and to the sovereign.

We greatly hope that you will be willing to help take our petition further if you are sufficiently convinced of our case. So we look forward to your comments when you have had a chance to consider the enclosed.

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