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11. The people are sovereign. The monarch is the embodiment of that sovereignty. So it was and still should be. But these tenets of the constitution have been seriously threatened by the erosion of the checks and balances between the sovereign, the houses of parliament and the people - an erosion which has been insidious, lengthy and allowed to thrive by the negligence of the people, who have failed sufficiently to exercise vigilance.

It was 473 years after Magna Carta that a further treaty became necessary between the sovereign and the people. Another 312 years have passed since the Declaration of Rights.

Events of recent years, and the momentous issues raised in this document, convince us that a new treaty between the monarch and the people is now essential. It should re-state the true relationship between sovereign, the two houses of parliament and the people, re-establish the checks and balances between them, and re-affirm the covenant between sovereign and subjects.

Nothing else will do.
This document was researched and written by the founding members of
The Magna Carta Society
signed: 25 January 2000

Founding members of The Magna Carta Society:

David Bourne

Mike Burke 

Idris Francis

Adam Hartman 

John Hurst

Bob Lomas 

Brian Mooney

Ashley Mote 

Bob Sims

Bryan Smalley



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