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No Audio at the start and a few other places.   In January this year , our boys Josh, Harry and George were mowed down and murdered on their way to a friends 16th birthday party. Ever since that day, we have had to fight the corrupt establishment, who have concealed the truth away from all of you. If you have read and listened to the mainstream media, and you didn’t know about Fighting For Justice, then you would of probably believed their lies about what took place that night. We don’t want our children, to become your children. So this is our story.. On Saturday 26th January 2018, Josh, Harry & George were making their way to their friends birthday party at Goals, Shepiston Lane, Hayes. At 20:40pm they were struck down by a Black Audi driven by Jaynesh Chudasma. Josh was hit with such force he was thrown over an 8ft foot fence, Harry was carried on the bonnet until the car crashed into the cemetery wall, a girl held George’s hand as he laid half in the road and half on the pavement. The driver and the passenger then ran and fled from the scene, if this had been an accident, they would of stopped to check on the victims, but they didn’t, they ran like the cowards they are. 2 of the other boys that had been hit, then managed to catch up with the driver at the Esso garage, they then hit him over the head with a bottle to make sure he couldn’t escape. When the paramedics arrived they proceeded to treat the driver first, instead of the children, to the disgust of everyone. The passenger managed to escape and to this day is still under investigation. There has been a catalogue of errors and a cover up from the start. These are the questions I want answering Why did the Police say it wasn’t terror related within 30-40 minutes? Why wasn’t the drivers house searched? Why can’t they find any CCTV of the driver 2 hours before it happened? The collision report which states the driver never lost control of the vehicle was left out of the trial, why was this allowed to happen? They took the impact out of our impact statements. Why did they do this? Was this a planned attack? Where the driver and passenger working with the police? What religion was the driver? By his own admittance he had submitted to peer pressure with drinking, it is therefore highly likely he may well have submitted to pressure and brainwashing from extremists? Why did the Police tell us that the driver didn’t have a criminal record, when in fact he had cautions for theft, possession of cannabis, assault with considerable violence? The passenger escaped and the parents were told by the police 2 days after the murder that they had identified the passenger and were going to arrest him. Within 2 hours he had turned himself in at a Police Station, how he knew he had been identified is a mystery …. The Police only questioned him for 30 minutes and all he said apart from ‘no comment’ was that he wasn’t driving and he never saw anyone. The week before sentencing he came back with a prepared statement that said nothing more. To date he has not been charged with any offense. He was a suspect and a vital witness to the murder and the Police questioned him for 30 minutes only? After everything that has happened to us, we are still here fighting, we should be grieving but instead we’re having to travel the length and breadth of this country to bring people the truth about what really happened that night. We have traveled from London to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sunderland, Leeds, Manchester, Leicester and finally finishing off in London, giving a speech at the UKFM march. Our lives will never be the same again and we are determined more than ever to get justice for our boys. We’ve had amazing support from people in the UK and all over the world for that matter. Our message is simple, we don’t want our children to become your children. We have to stand up, rise up and be counted. We can’t allow the establishment to keep treating us this way. Every time they knock us down, it lights a fire in each and every one of us. We will never stop until we get justice, this is a difficult battle, but it’s one that we must all fight together. So I implore you to share our page, follow it, share our videos and help us get our story out there to the masses. The elite picked the wrong families to try and silence, so as long as we’re breathing, we will never stop.

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