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By Peter OfEngland      Dear Tommy - Not wanting to see anyone suffer unduly at the hands of the Mafia Masonic Moneyed Monarchy Military Mayhem May government, I offer help in the best way I know how. KNOWLEDGE!                                The more you know as Q says: HISTORY The Knights Templar had a maxim of action which they have used very effectively over the centuries. It went as follows: "Make sure you wrap your enemy in one of three things: Debt, Litigation or a Shroud!" Do you see this maxim/tenet of action still being used today? i do believe so. This is an OPEN MESSAGE to Tommy, a man whose courage I admire and politics I support. I hate to give a good man bad news BUT special times call for special measures, and walking into the Sacred Private Slaughterhouse led by the Law Society/Bar Council Shepherds results in only one out come: LAMB CHOPS! This war cannot be won one battle at a time - it is too labour intensive and the STATE has the 24/7/365/decade in decade out grinding machine on its side. It can be stopped and I believe I can show you all how, ain't that right Dominic Grieve, Keir Starmer et al! Please circulate and get TR to get in touch - thanks REBUTTING THE 12 PRESUMPTIONS OF A ROMAN ECCLESIASTICAL CURIA There are twelve (12) key presumptions asserted by the Private Bar Guilds, The Police and The Court Systems run by the Indulgence System of the Vatican/Masonic/OTO legislature, which if unchallenged stands true. These presumptions are delivered via the interaction between the antiquity of church and state BUT APPEAR to be state rules and coercive regulations. They are now firmly rebutted. 1. Presumption of Public Record. 2. Presumption of Public Service. 3. Presumption of Public Oath. 4. Presumption of Immunity. 5. Presumption of Summons. 6. Presumption of Custody. 7. Presumption of Court of Guardians. 8. Presumption of Court of Trustees, 9. Presumption of Presumption of Government as Executor/Beneficiary. 10. Presumption of Agent and Agency. 11. Presumption of Incompetence. 12. Presumption of Guilt:

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